Our AR book

Click in the following link to download our Augmented Reality book created for this project:
[media-downloader media_id=”1372″ texts=”English through art”]

To use the Augmented reality book you need to print out the pdf document.
You need to install Aurasma from Play Store (Android phones or tablets) or Apple Store (iPhones, iPads and the like).
In order to use Aurasma you need to create an account with user name and password inside the mobile app. If you are Android user you don’t need to provide an e-mail account.
To use the AR book you need to open Aurasma, click in Channels to find drfperez channel and click Follow and you will be following the AR Erasmus+ book.
Then when you open Aurasma automatically start scanning in order to trigger Erasmus+ project videos, some of them are also interactive using H5P technology.

Erasmus+ project 2015-2017