Enclosed you will find the logos from the different countries and the rules for competition and the wining logo

British logo

Catalan logo
Isamar Pazos logo DEAR
Art beats with the bits

Croatian logo


Cypriot logo

Feel the magic of D.E.A.R.!

Portuguese logo


Romania 1 logo

Enjoy an English Art-ride and break through the fields of creativity in vICTory!

Romania 2 logo


Slovenian logo


Turkish logo


The more art, the better English

Winner logo and motto

After voting: the motto chosen is “Art beats with the bits” and the logo is:
Isamar Pazos logo DEAR

Isamar Pazos logo DEAR b&w

Project DEAR – Developing English through Art-oriented activities
Rules of the competition
Elaboration of the logo for the project

  1. General conditions

The aim of the present competition is to select a logo for the project DEAR –
Developing English through Art-oriented activities.
1.1. The logo should be made up of a register of the graphic elements on a white paper, set in a square of 15cm by 15cm. The drawing or illustration must contain the expression DEAR and the identification Erasmus Plus.
1.2. The logo should be coloured with four selected tonalities among red, green, yellow, white and blue (which are the colours of the national flags of the countries participating in the Project Erasmus Plus – Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and United Kingdom.
1.3. To each of the proposals should be attached a paper with its descriptive record of a maximum of five lines. ( the text briefly explaining the meaning of the work presented)
1.4. The proposals should go with a copy in black and white with the dimensions of 5cm by 5 cm.
1.5. The deadline for the delivery of the art work is the 20th December 2015.

  1. Participants

2.1. The competition is open to the students of classes … (each school can decide how many students will participate in the logo competition)

  1. Number of proposals

3.1. Each of the students should present only one proposal (/art work).
3.2. The art work should be handed in to the Visual Arts teacher or the Project Coordinator.

  1. Characteristics of the proposals

4.1. The presentation of the proposals should attend to the following criteria:
a) Simplicity: the logo should be simple, easy to remember;
b) Practical: the logo should be suitable to be used in all sorts of situations;
c) Creativity: the logo should reveal the creative capacity of its author(s);
d) Originality: the logo should be something new, never published, never used before by any other means of social communication;
e) Theme: the theme of the logo should be about the theme or topic in question.

  1. Jury

5.1. The national jury of this competition will be composed of the teachers involved in the Erasmus Project.
a) Each partner school must choose only one logo.
5.2. Until the 29th January, proposals (one for each partner school) will be voted by the students involved in the project.
a) Each partner school must choose two proposals.
6 – If two proposals have the same number of votes, the final decision will be taken by the Coordinator School – Carmen Sylvia Art High School.

  1. Prize

7.1. The winner of the competition will receive as prize a quality painting box and a pen-drive.

  1. Publication of the results

The publication of the results will be in the end of January 2016 and will be published in the school web page and in the page of the Erasmus Plus project.

Erasmus+ project 2015-2017