One of the  main results of the European project was the analysis of the European Pharmacopoeia by upper secondary students from all partners first using text mining with KHCoder to find what are the main 50 microscopic elements that are key to diagnose all the herbal drugs contained in the last edition of the European Pharmacopoeia as of 2017 (9th Edition). To select the microscopic elements we thank the help of Prof Dr Salvador Canigueral, Chair of Ph. Eur. Group of Experts on Phytochemistry A (13A). Then students took pictures using microscopes of herbal drugs and it was developed an online software to help high school students and university students to identify herbal drugs by using this tool during observation.
Microherb software is compatible with Chrome latest version and it takes some time to download because of microscopic photos included.
Upper secondary students compare air pollution of different cities using professional R statistics packages.
Look at real time PM10 pollution data in Barcelona

It was also developed an original software of measurement of several air pollutants using Arduino and a mobile App

You can see the mobile app measuring pollution in this video

It was developed in the classroom several apps. Enclosed you will find an example of an App about Sea animals
Download it with this QR

You can find responsive and interactive image maps about the environment created during the project:

Animation of an exoplanet and a star

Erasmus+ project 2015-2017